Christmas fun at Mákvirágok

To get in the mood for the festive season, we organised our traditional Christmas afternoon at our school. During the afternoon, we prepared a festive show with our students, to which we welcomed parents and friends. Afterwards, a Christmas cavalcade began with games, cakes and presents! 🎁More information about the event HERE!


Ho Ho Ho! We got ready… we waited with excitement… we sang to him… and HE COME! Santa Claus came to Mákvirágok! In his package were lots of chocolate, nuts, apples and even toys. Luckily the peaches stayed at home, as our students are very good kids!More information about the event HERE!

Sport day

The long-awaited sports day! There was great joy among our students on Saturday as we held another sports day! At the beginning of the session we chose kindergarten – school siblings and later on we started with the pairs exercises. There were also games of skill, speed and ball!More information about the event HERE!

St. Martin Day

The main theme of our session on 5 November was Martin’s Day. With our kindergarten group, we read Martin’s Day stories and made headbands and wall decorations for a later performance. And our school pupils were able to buy cinema tickets again and watch the show “Goosey Goosey”. Later, our Martinmas Day show began, with…